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WebRTC Gateway

WebRTC is an open W3C and IETF standard, that enables multimedia real-time com­muni­cation with today's browsers. Think of internet telephony without the need for dedicated client software or plugins:

  • Real-time audio/video communication browser to browser.
  • Real-time audio/video communication browser to telephone network.
  • Text messaging in web applications.
  • Cross platform support by major vendors of browsers, smart phones, tablets, and phablets.

ISACO offers and enables applications with WebRTC that bridge between today's most important com­muni­cation me­dia, effortlessly linking the web browser with the tele­phone. Existing tele­phone appli­cations can be easily em­bedded into existing web sites or web appli­cations. The ISACO WebRTC Gateway solves inherent interoperabi­lity pro­blems.

  • Wideband audio codec support: G.722, G.711, and OPUS.
  • Transcoding between different codecs.
  • More codecs can be added easily.
  • RTP/RTCP multiplexing/demultiplexing.
  • Support for encrypted RTP transmissions (DTLS and SDES).
  • Standard-compliant SIP signalling via WebSocket.
  • ICE (NAT traversal).
  • High availability and redundancy.
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