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VoIP signaling components

ISACO has an elaborate portfolio of VoIP signaling components. Some have been successfully de­ployed for years at major telephone service companies. Note, that the various signaling com­ponents listed below are not immutable off-the-shelf products, but can be adapted to customer-specific needs. This has been made possible with a modular, well maintainable design, automated testing with CI, and high configurability.

ISACO signaling components can be easily integrated into existing VoIP platforms. This does not bring the requirement of an ISACO call control. Our components support the IMS-conforming ISC interface as well as proprietary interfaces for connecting to existing VoIP systems.

For the implementation of signaling components, we utilize open source software (e.g. SIP-Router / Kamailio), that has been in worldwide deployment and serves millions of customers. This allows us to provide components fast, reliably, and at a good price. All ISACO components have been de­ployed in carrier grade system architectures: they provide high availability, scalability, and are efficiently maintainable.

  • SIP proxy and registrar

    Centerpiece of a VoIP platform.

    • Full RFC3261 conformity.
    • Highly performant multi-process daemon in optimized C.
    • Highly available.
    • Scalable.
    • NAT traversal (pinholing, keep-alive).
    • User-Location in distributed DBMS.
    • Supports web sockets/WebRTC.
    • Flexible call routing.
    • Flexible dialplan management.
  • Back-to-back user agent

    Decoupling of VoIP connections.

    • Full RFC3261 conformity.
    • Highly performant multi-thread daemon in optimized C.
    • Highly available.
    • Scalable.
    • Can be combined with SIP proxy (for NAT traversal, dialplan, call routing).
  • Call control

    Feature-rich VoIP platform.

    • Based on SIP proxy, registrar, and back-to-back user agent.
    • NAT traversal for signaling and media, RTP proxy for COMEDIA.
    • Provisioning via REST interface.
    • Accounting via Diameter requests (optional correlation and compilation into billing records).
    • Highly available.
    • Scalable.
  • Emergency routing

    Solution for implementing emergency specifications required by law.

    • Flexible rewriting of target address to emergency number.
    • Identification based on:
      • User identification (PAI).
      • INVITE header (Location).
    • Highly available.
    • Scalable.
  • DTAG interconnection proxy

    Adapts a VoIP-Plattform for the interconnection interface of DTAG.

    • Based on SIP proxy.
    • Ready-to-use solution.
    • Available as:
      • Software with documentation (for Linux servers).
      • Preinstalled applicance.
    • Highly available.
    • Scalable.