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ISACO is a developer of customer-specific software solutions and a consultant on data provisioning, accounting, VoIP telephony, and media applications.

ISACO GmbH is a software development office in Berlin/Germany, focusing on corporate customers from IT and telecommunications.

This private company was founded in february of 2008, but its developer staff has been working together for much longer and contributes its long-standing experience in the IT and telecommunications sector.

ISACO offers sophisticated VoIP products, including media applications (like e.g. conferencing) as well as signaling components (e.g. SIP proxies and emergency servers). Furthermore, ISACO develops individual solutions to satisfy customer-specific requirements for data provisioning, accounting, and statistics, e.g. powerful configuration web front-ends or tailor-made adapter software for integrating various components into an existing infrastructure.

Due to the orientation towards IT and telco customers we put special emphasis on the scalability, high availability, and maintainability of our products. ISACO utilizes open source software, which allows us to provide our solutions fast and at a good price.

Please feel free to contact us for questions on ISACO and our products. We will gladly talk with you about a solution for your requirements.

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